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    AZ (Alzheimer's)                                                           1oz./extract                         $16.00
    Echinacea root, Pau D' Arco bark,                                       
    Gota Kola herb, Spirulina plant.Ginkgo leaf,                                      4 oz./extract                        $45.00
    Wild American Ginseng root.

    Astragulus root, White Pine bark,                                                         1oz./ extract                        $16.00     
    Olive leaf, Pau D' Arco herb, Echinacea Angustifolia
    root.                                                                                                             4oz./ extract                        $45.00
    Alfalfa herb, Burdock root, Capsicum Fruit,                                        1 oz./extract                        $16.00
    Wild Ginger root, Black Cohosh root, Devil's         
    Claw root, Horsetail Grass herb, Star Grass                                     4 oz./extract                        $45.00

    B_CL(Blood Cleanser)
    Goldenseal root, Yellow                                                                         1oz./extract                         $16.00
    Dock root, Red Clover blooms, Burdock                                          
    Echinacea Angustifolia root.                                                                  4oz./extract                         $45.00
                                                                 100ct capsules                         $16.00

    COPD: Slippery Elm Bark, Mullen Leaf, Lobellia Herb Eucluptus Leaf,
                                                                                  100ct capsules                           $16.00

    Sheep Sorrel herb, Burdock root,                                                      1oz./extract                          $16.00
    slippery Elm bark, Goldenseal root, garlic bulb
    Red root, Poke root, Turkey Rhubarb root, Red                              4oz./extract                          $45.00
    Clover blooms, Chickweed herb

    Blue Cohosh root, Goldenseal root,                                                 1oz./extract                          $16.00
    Dandelion root, Star Grub root, Queen of the Meadow             
    root, Uva Ursi herb, Fenugreek seed, Wild Sarsaparilla              4oz./extract                          $45.00
                                                                 100ct capsules                               $16.00            

    EMP-(Emphysema)                                                                          1oz./ extract                         $16.00
    Garlic bulb, Licorice root,                    
    Mullein leaf, Slippery elm bark, Lobelia herb.                                4 oz./ extract                                 $45.00

    FM-(Female Hormone)                                                                       1 oz./ extract                        $16.00
    Black cohosh root, Wild                     
    Sarsaparilla root, Wild Ginger root, Damiana root,
    Capsicum fruit, Star Grub root, Wild Yam root, Lady               4oz./extract                           $45.00
    Slipper root.                                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                                    100ct/ capsules                $16.00

    Aloe herb,Red clover bloom                                              100 Capsules                       $16.00
    Wild Ginger root, Turkey rhubarb root,  
    Slippery Elm bark, Senna leaf, Fenugreek
    seed Clove buds, Psyllium seed, Buckthorn bark
    Corn silk, Garlic bulb, Burdock root,Yellow Dock
    root, Licorice root, Black Walnut hull, May apple
    root, Marshmallow root,  Echainacia root,
    Dandelion root, Alfalfa herb, Chickweed herb,
    Spirulina plant.       

    FW-(FLUID & WATER RETENTION)                                         1 oz./ extract                          $16.00
    Bladder wrack plant, Dandelion root,
    Uva Ursi herb, Chickweed herb, alfalfa herb, Irish                    4 oz./ extract                          $45.00
    Moss herb, Juniper berries.                                                                                    

    Burdock root, Wild Sarsaparilla root,                                        1oz./ extract                           $16.00
    Wild Ginger root, Penny royal herb, Plantain root
    Blue vervain herb.                                                                            4oz./ extract                           $45.00

    GB_(gallbladder)                                                    1 oz./ extract                         $16.00
    Goldenseal root,Red Clover blooms,
    Yellow Dock root, Dandelion root.                                                 4 oz./ extract                                 $45.00                          

    Garcinia Cambogia Fruit                                       100 ct. capsules                    $16.00

    B-F-L - (Fat Burner and Liver cleanser for garcinia cambogia fruit)    $16.00                                                                               

    H&H(Healthy Heart)                                                                       1 oz./ extract                           $16.00  
    Black Cohosh root, Blue Cohosh root
    Capsicum fruit, Garlic bulb, Goldenseal root,                         4 oz./ extract                           $45.00
    Lobelia herb, shepherds purse herb, Lady
    Slipper root, Hawthorne berries                                                100 ct Capsules                      $16.00
    Lily of the Valley, Butchers Broom root.                                 

    I B-(Immune Booster)
    Capsicum fruit, Goldenseal root                                                 1 oz./ extract                           $16.00
    Witch Hazel bark, Red clover bloom, Wild                        
    American Ginseng root,  Echinacea Root,                              4 oz./ extract                           $45.00
    Pau D' Arco bark, Yellow Dock root,
    Burdock root.                                                                                100 ct Capsules                             $16.00             

    Lymp  (lymphatic)                                                                     1 oz/ extract                               $16.00
    Yarrow, Poke root, Frankincense                                         
                                                                                         4 oz/ extract                               $45.00
    Black Cohosh root, Plantain root, Fringe Tree bark,               1 oz./ extract                            $16.00
    Turkey Rhubarb root, Cleavers herb, Dandelion root,
    Poke root, Goldenseal root, Blessed Thistle herb,                 4 oz./ extract                            $45.00
    Milk Thistle herb, Black Indian hemp root.                                                                                       
                                                                   100 ct Capsules                       $16.00

    N & N (Natural Nutrition)
    Spirulina plant,  Kelp plant, Alfalfa herb
    Bee pollen, Barley grass, Bladder wrack plant,
    Wild American Ginseng root, Dulsa plant, Milk
    thistle herb, Dandelion root                                                      100 ct capsules                        $16.00

    NS (Natural Steroid)                                                                     1 oz./ extract                            $16.00
    Wild American Ginseng root, Wild Yam root,
    Beth root, Guarana seed, Yucca plant.                                   4 oz./ extract                                     $45.00                       

    OV-C(ovarian)                                                100 ct capsules      $16.00                  

    Pan (pancreas)                                                                             1 oz./ extract                            $16.00
    Mullein leaf, Garlic bulb,goldenseal root,                         
    Uva Ursi herb, Capsicum fruit, Licorice root,                           4 oz./ extract                          $45.00
    Dandelion root.     
    Psorisis: Aloe Vera, Capsicum Fruit, Slippery Elm Bark,(extract TOPICAL USE ONLY) 1oz.

    Psorisis and Dermatitis  Cream: Aloe Vera, Capsucum Fruit, Slippery Elm, Bark  4oz $24.00
    and Shea Butter,

    Pro (prostate)
    Corn silk, Bee Pollen, Goldenseal root,                                   1 oz./ extract                            $16.00
    Saw Palmetto berries, Dandelion root, Kelp plant,
    horsetail grass herb.                                                                    4 oz./ extract                            $45.00
    Stom-Blo- Cloves Fruit, Slippery Elm Bark,              !00ct capsules               $16.00                                                                    

    P-sites (parasites)                                                                     1 oz./ extract                            $16.00   
    Pumpkinseed, wormwood herb, Pink root,                      
    Male fern root, Black walnut hulls, Buckthorn bark,                 4 oz./ extract                           $45.00
    Clove buds, Bayberry root bark.       
                                                               100 ct Capsules                          $16.00
    Goldenseal root, Yarrow herb,Myrrh gum,
    White Oak bark, Bayberry root bark, True blue                         1 oz./ extract                           $16.00
    Skullcap herb, Black Cohosh root, Kelp Plant,
    Capsicum fruit.                                                                                4 oz./ extract                          $45.00